Idance XD3 Review

The team at iDance have set themselves ahead of their competition with the introduction of the XD3. It is a boom box designed with even the most beginner of DJs in mind. It is light in weight, affordable, and versatile, making it a perfect purchase for anyone looking for a quality product that will not break your bank. In this iDance XD3 review, we are going to analyze some of the features that make it such an awesome product for every level DJ.

An Added Mixer

The iDance XD3 comes with an added mixer that allows the DJ to connect their USB and MP3 with the help of a device that supports Bluetooth. In addition to this, it has multiple jingle, double job wheel features to allow the user to not only record but also transfer individual mixes to the USB via a record (USB) feature. The voice changer feature allows DJs to enhance their creativity by altering their voice and even adding other instruments to the mix.

idance xd3 review


LED Lighting & Dual Speaker

The creators of the XD3 understand that listeners love and appreciate a good party atmosphere and took this into hand when they added LED lighting. It can be activated by the sound of the music playing. The dual speaker system features 200 walls to really send the music and sound into overdrive and add to the excitement of the boom box. The iDance XD3 is also equipped with inputs to plug in your guitar or a microphone during your performance.

Wireless capable features allow DJs to plug in devices such as iPads. Other devices that support Bluetooth can be used by DJs and keep their music next to them. They can control sound and any other features without ever having to leave the action. An auto scan FM tuner helps users to tune in to their favorite radio shows. The lightweight body of the XD3 makes it easy to carry around. It does not take up too much space on stage, at home, or on any form of transportation.

The Product for Every DJ

The iDance XD3 is the perfect product for DJs of all levels of experience. It comes at an affordable price which many can afford. It comes with many added features. These features are both tech savvy and easy to use, even for people who are new to the iDance XD3. The creators of this boom box value good customer service. They take in paying great attention to their complaints as well as suggestions on how to make the product better.

Many world class DJs rely on this product to deliver good quality sound that has an added personal touch. Many users have left positive reviews on online retail platforms. Users are raving about the added features that give the user full control to express themselves through their sound. This product is both a trendsetter and an essential for every DJ. The iDance XD3 is all in an easy to carry design with a budget-friendly cost. The shipment for iDance XD3 is not only in and around the USA. It is also eligible for international shipping to selected countries.