Gemini G4V Review

Gemini has created some amazing products that are perfect for DJs from all walks of life. Their G4V controller is perhaps one of their best additions. It has multiple features that set it ahead of any other controllers in the GV series. In this Gemini G4V review, we are going to take a closer look at the features that make it such an amazing product. It is a must-have for any DJ looking to produce quality, professional grade sound.

Audio Interface

The Gemini G4V comes with an audio interface that allows you to expand your creative sense, recording, monitoring and playing back your sounds. In addition to this, it also comes with two decks that give the DJ full control of the four decks. The decks have virtual software and has sixteen pads that have several functions. These enhance their performance. It also has tons of rotary encodes that are assignable.

gemini g4v review



All that is left is for the DJs to take charge and make their music. The Gemini G4V is perfect for fans of both virtual and non-virtual disc jockeying. For virtual fans, it has FX controllers that are pre-mapped. It gives you the chance to twist, toggle, and tap your music straight out of the controller. For those who are not into the virtual scene, a mappable MIDI unit and controls with high resolution, making it easier to adapt them to applications of your choosing.

LED Monitors & Other Features

The G4V also comes with monitors (LED) and pads that are brightly lit. Other than that, it has buttons that give the DJ adequate feedback, unlike laptops that may not also have the most space. Creating songs is made simpler with the addition of AUX inputs, a microphone, and many other nifty features. If you are not yet satisfied with the control features in the G4V, there are added jog wheels that are sensitive to your touch, personalizing your performance.

Gemini has been in business since the year 1974. They have continued to grow and succeed by placing great value on their users’ needs. They do this while keeping track of the latest trends. Gemini takes great care to listen to customer suggestions and work around the clock. They make sure to add extra features and technology to keep their product ahead of their competition.

Many DJs, both professional and beginners, have turned to Gemini to buy their quality products, and the G4V is no exception. It is a favorite among customers. Many have nothing but positive reviews for this controller. With control firmly in the DJ’s hand and tech savvy designs making it easier to operate and carry from performance to performance, the G4V is definitely here to stay.  It will continue to be a fan favorite for many years to come.

The product is only available for sale and shipping in and around the United States of America. It is not yet listed for international shipping. The Gemini G4V is a good addition to any DJ’s arsenal of controllers and it is affordable enough for anyone looking to venture into professional grade Disc Jockeying.